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SBT Australia Team Kicks off the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Waste Water Network for Nambucca Valley Council

Nambucca Valley Council's Head of Water and Waste Water, Richard Spain, wanted to improve the performance of their network and prevent sewer overflows and pollution events. After 30 years of conventional smoke testing and other investigative technologies, he and the council chose Smart Build Tech to provide their first AI Powered Wastewater network.

The team rolled out the network of sensors in June 2024 and the feedback has been incredible. The customer truly cannot believe how the system provides immediate information and situational awareness on blockages and inflow and infiltration problems.

"Truly the best innovation in the industry in 30 years"


Smart Build Tech CEO Interviewed on Indoor Air Safety

Smart Build Tech's CEO interviewed on Television regarding Indoor Air Safety in one of the worst polluted cities on the planet

Complete Redesign of the Chiller system for USA's favourite Candy
Installation of Chiller system for USA's favourite Candy
Control System - Chiller system for USA's favourite Candy

SBT Completes Successful Energy Saving Project for USA's favourite Candy Company

SBT was given the task to upgrade the Thailand Factory of one of the USA's favourite candy. How famous...they sit on the resolute desk in the White House. We were asked to achieve energy savings and with only a limited opportunity to work on their chilled water system, we were able to save in excess of 35%. Not only that, but we executed the whole project without a shutdown on production.

Meinhardt Smart Build Tech - MSBT
MSBT - Meinhardt - SBT - Smart Build Tech

SBT Joins with Meinhardt Thailand to form MSBT - Meinhardt Smart Build Tech- Bringing Engineering Excellence back to Facility Management

Meinhardt, one of world's top Consulting Engineering firms and Smart Build Tech have created a Joint Venture company to pursue several markets.

  1. Site Commissioning - Long being the most neglected but most critical phase of a project, MSBT will step in t ensure what was intended by design is delivered to a customer.

  2. Smart Building Design - Consulting firms pursue engineering excellence within the requirements of standards. This generally does not permit the design of Smart Buildings. Thats where MSBT steps in.

  3. The Smartest of Design or the latest of technolgy requires the highest skilled team to operate the sites. Thats where MSBT steps in.

  4. Operation & Maintenance is 80% of the lifecycle cost of a building or even higher. MSBT can operate and maintain your site to the highest energy efficiency and operational excellence.

Michelin Thailand chooses Smart Build Tech to be their Indoor Air Safety Partner for Pandemic Readiness

Michelin was rightly concerned that they needed to prevent their staff from covid in the middle of Covid. who did they turn to? Smart Build Tech.

Smart Build Tech reviewed their office and created the safest possible Indoor Safety by utilising the technology of AtmosAir along with constant indoor Air Quality monitoring.

Not only did they address the immediate concern of Covid, but they also created the safest Indoor Air in one of the most polluted cities on the planet.

Not only that, but Michelin wanted their team to know that they had achieved these incredible results, so they asked Smart Build Tech to display live IAQ data to their team on monitors at the doors of each floor of their office. A great PR and HR result for everyone.

And what was the response from their interaction with Smart Build Tech?.... "Working with Smart Build Tech was just plain easy....Nothing was a problem and they explained everything clearly including all of the options that they were not supplying including the relative merits of each. The whole process was just easy"

Michelin AtmosAir Indoor Air Safety
Michelin AtmosAir Indoor Air Safety
Michelin AtmosAir Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Schneider Data Centre Training

Smart Build Tech Trains Schneider Data Centre Teams

Smart Build Tech was invited to the Regional Schneider Data Centre Conference to educate the team on Data Centre Efficiency and Chiller Auditing for Energy Optimisation.

Smart Build Tech CEO Trains the Thai Police on the Indoor Air Safety

As part of the Thai Police's safety precautions during Covid, they invested in Indoor Air Safety using the AtmosAir Solutions from the USA. 

Here our CEO, Jon Pickford, explains how the systems work and create benefits and safety in their everyday public facing roles.

Schneider Data Centre Training
Smart Build Tech CEO presents Smart Buildings

Smart Build Tech Invited to present to a full house

Smart Build Tech's CEO was invited to present at a recent Australian Chamber of commerce on the benefits of Smart Buildings including Sustainability and Energy Conservation.

The evening was attended by business leaders from across Thailand and judging by the questions, the presentation sparked a great deal of interest.

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