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Our Smart Building Solutions at a Glance

Finding Savings and Solutions at Every Turn

We feel confident in saying that we are the No. 1 Solutions and Energy and Sustainability team in Asia Pacific. Not because we are the biggest, but because our customers tell us so.


We have been trusted to perform energy audits and create solutions for some of the largest retail, industrial and hospital companies worldwide to achieve their goals.

If you too want to really learn what is possible, share your goals and let us show you how you can really achieve them.

Building Operational Efficiency

Energy Saving Audits and Green Certifications

Whether you are seeking AHSRAE, LEED, WELL, SPIRE, SMARTSCORE, WIRED or Green certification.........or just great Energy Savings, there is no better team in Asia Pacific to handle this process. 

If you just want a certificate for marketing, or you want to execute green washing, we shouldn't be your first choice.


We take sustainability seriously and intend to create incredible bottom line advantages for your business. 

So if youare serious about real imrovments and real have the right partner in Smart Build Tech

Digitalisation, Building Management Systems and Operational Efficiency

Step into the realm of tomorrow's efficiency with our digitalisation expertise that transcends boundaries.

In the dynamic landscape of Building Management Systems (BMS), we specialise in seamlessly integrating the latest technological advancements to pave the way for unprecedented operational efficiency. Our tailored solutions go beyond mere management – they elevate your entire ecosystem, bringing forth a symphony of automation, predictive analytics, and intelligent controls that propel your facility into a new era of productivity.

At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to reshaping the digital landscape uniquely for you. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to understand your specific requirements, ensuring that our digital solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Experience a paradigm shift in how you perceive operational efficiency – join us in the journey of embracing a digitalised future where innovation converges with Building Management Systems, resulting in a harmonious blend of smart technologies and operational excellence. Together, let's redefine efficiency in the digital age.

Indoor Air Safety

Indoor Air Safety Audits and Solutions

Smart Build Tech are really passionate about Indoor Air Safety. After all it one of the WHA's world top 5 health risks. Not only that, but Safer Indoor Air means better productivity. According to Harvard University, 20+% more productivity.

We help you determine and understand your Air Safety and help you monitor this using IoT or connected devices. You cannot fix what you cannot see or understand.

After completion of our Audits and ongoing monitoring regimes, we have the skills and the partners to support solutions to create Safer and more productive Indoor Spaces.

Facility and Facility Team Audits and Training

Enlisting the services of independent auditors, such as Smart Build Tech, to scrutinise the performance of Facility Management teams yields a spectrum of advantages crucial for organisational success.


The impartial viewpoint our auditors bring to the evaluation process ensures an objective assessment, untainted by internal biases, promoting fairness and accuracy in gauging the team's effectiveness. This external scrutiny not only validates operational practices but also reinforces a commitment to excellence, demonstrating a dedication to robust governance and adherence to industry standards.

The specialised knowledge and insights brought by Smart Build Tech further enrich the evaluation, offering a wealth of industry best practices and benchmarks for improvement. This collaborative approach not only elevates the Facility Management team's capabilities but also positions the organisation for sustained success by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability to evolving industry dynamics.

Smart AI Security and Safety

AI Security Solutions and Security Audits

Why Does Security have to be passive?

Why Do we choose to make our CCTV systems Historical?

Why can't we make CCTV and City Systems Active? Why can't it stop incidents or react to them immediately rather than wait and investigate?

At Smart Build Tech we believe we can make our Cities, public spaces and facilities safer.....that's why we partner with some of the best companies on the planet to create incredible solutions.

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