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About Us

Smart Build Tech - The Smart Buildings and City solutions Company

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Smart Build Tech Group of Companies

Smart Build Tech’s Founder and CEO has a rich history in HVAC and Smart Buildings and Smart Cities in Asia Pacific having been the Asia Pacific Director of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities for the world’s largest Building Technology company.  He has advised governments and government partners for Smart City Projects in India, Malaysia, Thailand and  Singapore and Smart Precinct and Smart Building projects across Asia Pacific and North America.

Smart Build Tech was created in response to multiple customers whose feedback of the big MNC companies was that the MNC's didn't care anymore.

Whilist the big companies bring incredible R&D and products to the market, they have generally become too big to care for each customer or listen to their true needs.

Smart Build Tech is dedicated to provide superior end to end Smart Building and City Consulting and Solutions and has created a partner ecosystem of IoT, AI, Platform, Data Analytics and hardware suppliers.

Smart Build Tech also partners with several International Design Consultants supporting them in their shift to Smart City and Smart Building Design and also provides independent consultation services in all aspects of Smart Infrastructure.


At Smart Build Tech, we hold our partnerships with Property Developers, Facility Managers and government authorities in high regard, recognizing the critical role they play in providing essential services to communities.


Our commitment to these valued customers extends beyond business transactions; we are dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by each customer.


By fostering open communication, staying abreast of regulatory changes, and delivering innovative solutions, we strive to support their mission of ensuring reliable and safe water and waste networks to the public and smarter, safer and healthier facilities.


Our collaborative approach, coupled with a steadfast commitment to excellence, reflects our genuine care for the success and sustainability of our customers.


In stark contrast to the prevalent trend of overpromising and underdelivering in today's business landscape, we at Smart Build Tech pride ourselves on authenticity and genuine expertise. Our commitment lies not in making grandiose claims but in consistently proving our capabilities through tangible results.

As true experts in our chosen industries, we distinguish ourselves by our track record of delivering substantial and measurable benefits. Our team's extensive knowledge and experience have allowed us to achieve remarkable cost savings for some of the world's largest companies and household brands.


We have also successfully partnered with government entities and water authorities, understanding the unique challenges they face in delivering essential services to communities.

Rather than relying on mere rhetoric, we showcase our proficiency through concrete actions and outcomes. Our approach centres on transparency, reliability, and a dedication to understanding the specific needs of our clients. By aligning our goals with theirs, we have cultivated enduring partnerships built on trust.

At Smart Build Tech, our commitment to excellence goes beyond words; it is deeply ingrained in our actions and results. We take pride in being a trusted partner, consistently delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations for businesses and entities across various sectors.

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