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Smart Build Tech was founded as a Consultant, Trusted Advisor and Technical Contractor for Property Developers, Facility Managers and Government for Smarter, Safer and more Sustainable Buildings, Precincts and Cities. As we have grown we have added many technologies to our portfolio and we now represent some the worlds leading technology providers for Asia Pacific.


Our Services

Covid 19 Solutions and Indoor Air Quality

At no time in our history has Indoor Air Quality been more important than during today's New Normal with Covid19 and High PM2.5 Concentrations. SBT represents AtmosAir Solutions.

Cooling Tower Energy Saving Solutions

There are thousands of cooling towers in market today that are using older In-efficient technologies. SBT has developed cost effective solutions that can save up to 50% of Cooling tower energy bills whilst improving air flow and with minimal cost.

Chemical Free Water Treatment for Cooling Towers and Swimming Pools

Cooling tower and chiller heat exchange tube fouling is a major problem for energy efficicny reduction. We also face issues with Legionella and other bacteria and diseases in our cooling towers.Now there is a Chemical Free way to improve this problem.

The Future of Security - Fully AI Security Platforms

CCTV Systems are a necessary system to collect evidence but are seldom used to stop issues whilst they are occuring. AI Security allows us to use existing CCTV feed and create a platform that actively protects your business or public space with the worlds most advanced Security Analytics.

Indoor Location Systems

Indoor locations is truly the future of Smart Buildings. From Indoor Navigation to targeted advertising and Usage Based maintenance the key lies with this cost effective Indoor Locations Solution.

Pathway บทคัดย่อ


Jon (Managing Director-Smart Build Tech) has been fantastic-responsive, agile/flexible, and informative and simply put,

very helpful.”

Celestino Shinn
Director of Security - Michelin


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