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Smarter, Safer and More Sustainable Buildings,
Industry and Cities

Smart Buildings

  • ESG Services

  • Indoor Air Quality Audit and Solutions

  • Specialist HVAC & Controls

  • Cooling “As a Service”

  • IoT solutions

  • Energy Auditing and Optimisation

  • Building Controls Systems and Remote Monitoring

  • AI Security Services

  • Chiller Sales and Service

  • Facility Management – MSBT(JV Subsidiary with Meinhardt Consulting Engineers)

  • Smart Parking Solutions

Modern Buildings Hologram
Smart Water Network
Smart City
Partner -  World's No.1 AI Security Platform

Smart Cities & Mining Solutions

  • AI/IoT Water & Waste Water Systems

    • Waste Water IoT Level and Flow Monitoring

    • AI Data Analytics for Inflow/Infiltration and Blockage Detection

    • IoT Water Pressure Monitoring

    • IoT Illegal Dumping Detection

    • Smart Manhole Lid Monitoring

    • Smart Meter

    • IoT Leak Detection

    • Vibration Analytics (AI) / Plant Reliability

  • City/Network Scale AI Security

  • Perimeter Intrusion & Catchment Detection

  • Mining Vehicle Analytics and Reliability

  • Storm & Flood Prevention and Monitoring

Our Mission

At Smart Build Tech Group, we are passionately committed to shaping a future where buildings and cities are smart, safe, and sustainable. Our mission is to pioneer innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, enhance safety standards, and promote sustainability practices.

We aspire to create urban environments that prioritise efficiency, intelligence, and the well-being of communities, setting new benchmarks for the future of living.

Jon Pickford

CEO, Smart Build Tech Group

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We put our customers first and stay "Boutique" in our offerings. Its hard to find true specialists in Building Systems, ESG, Energy and technologies but that's what our clients expect. Thats why we have created a true "End to End" Service from Concept to Certification



Concept & Auditing


Monitor & Service

Facility Management

Upgrades / Improvements

Building Certifications

Our Technology Partners

Partner -  Chillers and HVAC - Geoclima
Partner - AI Building Platform
Partner -  World's No.1 AI Security Platform
Partner - Building Certifications - UL Spire
Partner - Worlds Best Radar Perimeter Detection
Partner - Pumps and "Cooling as a Service"
Partner - IoT Systems - Technis
Partner -  IoT Connectivity - Tosibox
Partner - IoT Systems - DisruptX
Partner - BMS / BAS - Delta Electronics
Partner -  Chillers and HVAC, BMS, BAS - Johnson Controls
Partner -  Data Centre - Schneider
Partner - Indoor Air Quality - AtmosAir
Partner -  Indoor Air Quality Monitoring  - uHoo
Partner -  Indoor Air Quality Monitoring  - Kaiterra
Partner -  Water & Waste Water IoT Sensors - Detectronic
Partner -  AI Vibration Analytics - ACOEM
Partner -  AI Water Industry Data Analytics and Insights - StormharvesterGeoclima
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