Who is Smart Build Tech


The true strength of the Smart Build Tech Team comes from the combination of the World's Best Technologies in the hands of the most experienced Smart Building Personnel.


A truly Smart Building is not a product but a combination of the World's Best Products and then the implementation of these products to form a homogeneous and symbiotic singular technology platform to vastly improve the performance of the Building with relation to efficiency from equipment to actual operation and Maintenance. If you want your building to give the best occupant experience and performance. We can help you.


Indoor Air Quality is a silent killer. Conventional Air Conditioning design is no longer a satisfactory solution. PM2.5, VOC's and now the Covid virus and the world pandemic has taught us just how poorly our systems are designed. We can choose to redesign the entire system or we can install AtmosAir solutions by Smart Build Tech and reduce energy consumption whilst improving Indoor Air Quality. If you want to provide a safer workplace or protect your Business Continuity, Smart Build Tech can assist.


Poor Water quality in Swimming Pools and Cooling towers cost huge sums of money to correct both through energy consumption and chemicals. We scoured the world to find the best solution available and finally signed with Enviroswim from Australia. A patented product that has achieved NSF50 Certification for water treatment and uses virtually no chemicals to maintain water that is fit to drink. If you want to achieve a reduced energy bill and use a sustainable chemical free process, Smart Build Tech has the right solution for you. 


AI Security by IREXai turns your exisiting Security cameras to a real time solution that provides Searchveilance and security alerts for behaviour and safety and above all increased security. Think of your own systems and decide if it used simply for gathering evidence or are you actively able to use it as a preventative tool?

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Address. Gemopolis Industrial Estate, 66/54-56 4th Floor,

Unit No. T2, Soi Sukhapiban 2 Soi 31, Kwaeng Dokmai,

Khet Pravet Bangkok, Thailand 10250

Tel. 0985499797

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