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Specialist HVAC

SBT's mobile team cover assets which are typically maintained by the equipment OEM. 


OEM services come at a cost, and agreements with the OEM typically are excluded from customer FM provider contracts.


Although, if included, you may be incurring additional cost through your providers mark-up (margin on margin).


If excluded from the main FM contract this creates hidden costs and an unnecessary administrative burden on your organisation, contract management, additional vendor contracts, purchase orders, invoices etc...

The Smart Build Tech Difference...


Specialist Chiller Maintenance (Best in-class OEM trained operatives), there is no need to manage operate additional multiple vendors and contracts


Specialist Controls Maintenance (BMS, EMS, CPMS, IoT and Technologies), no need for expensive OEM spend


Best in-class HVAC Maintenance (site / mobile), our highly skilled, trained and competent operatives 


Tailored PPM (maintenance regimes), meeting statutory and OEM requirements, we are flexible in our approach, working with our customers to provide bespoke PPM to meet individual requirements


Proven capabilities to operate asset criticality-based maintenance (via our technology platform)


Proven capabilities to operate condition-based maintenance (via our platform)


Proven capabilities to operate predictive based maintenance (via our platform),

Smart Build Tech has technology at our core our platform enables our people to operate under multiple different maintenance models providing you with value, reassurance and complete visibility of our performance and that of your assets


Intelligent asset management, protecting the value of your assets through the implementation of our ISO based asset management principles. Intelligent management information enables comprehensive forward planning of capital budgets and replacement projects and reduces risk of business impact as a result of asset failure

Proudly Different

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