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Asset Management & Life Cycle

At Smart Build Tech we ensure that our customers realise the true value of their HVAC systems and assets.


Our asset management services provides our customers with intelligent asset information enabling comprehensive forward planning of capital budgets and replacement projects.


Helping our customers manage and reduce the risks and business impacts associated with unplanned maintenance events caused by asset failure.

The purpose of SBT’s life-cycle reporting is to quantify the life-cycle cost of an assets replacement.


Our intelligent management information enables the comprehensive forward planning of our customers capital budgets and replacement projects.


Additionally, it reduces the risk of unplanned maintenance caused by asset failure, and any associated business impact.


At SBT, The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Maintenance Engineering and Management Guide M Appendix 12.A1: Indicative Economic Life Expectancy underpins everything we do.

Our asset life cycle reporting is designed to help drive your asset replacement decision-making process and includes inputs from other evaluations, Energy, Environmental, Design, Safety, Functionality, and Regulatory compliance assessment.

The results of prioritisation techniques may be used to determine whether maintenance should or should not be carried out and can be used to rank the maintenance activities and replacements in order of priority.

Risk criticality ranking and prioritisation involves the assessment of business risk, which comprises two combined but separate assessments, based on business criticality assessments and life cycle assessments (i.e., what needs to happen and when).

Asset condition grades are used to record the assessed condition of your assets.

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