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AtmosAir Covid 19 Solutions and Indoor Air Quality

At no time in our history has Indoor Air Quality been more important than during today's New Normal with Covid19 and High PM2.5 Concentrations. SBT represents AtmosAir Solutions.

BLOCKDOX - Visualisation, Aggregation and Data Insights for the Built Environment

BLOCKDOX is a unique solution that allows this to occur and has a superior track record of providing insights that have saved some buildings up to 65% of the annual energy bill with an ROI within months

LEASHVIEW - The most cost effective and fastest IoT enabled indoor locations system

Protect your business and staff while
ensuring business continuity with Contact Tracing LeashView - Business Track Then Trace Solution Real Time Location Solution for tracking staff and assets within your business.

The Future of Security - Fully AI Security Platforms

CCTV Systems are a necessary system to collect evidence but are seldom used to stop issues whilst they are occuring. AI Security allows us to use existing CCTV feed and create a platform that actively protects your business or public space with the worlds most advanced Security Analytics.

Pathway บทคัดย่อ


Jon Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)

Smart Build Tech has been fantastic-responsive, agile/flexible, and informative and simply put,very helpful.”

Celestino Shinn
Director of Security - Michelin

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