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BLOCKDOX - Visualisation, Aggregation and Data Insights for the Built Environment and Transport Infrastructure.

About BlockDox - IoT solutions and intelligent analytics for the built environment.

           Smart Buildings and Transport system lack data aggregation and so Facility             Managers struggle to find effective solutions to problems.


          Operators require data aggregation and insights in order to be truly able to              provide operators with effective means of optimization of the built                   



          BLOCKDOX is a unique solution that allows this to occur and has a superior              track record of providing insights that have saved some buildings up to 65%            of the annual energy bill with an ROI within months.


         Passenger Count and Transport Analytics and sensors allow for the                 

         optimization of train/bus timetables, security, safety, lighting, HVAC and many           others just by understanding better how the services are used day by day                 and predict usage for higher consumer satisfaction and readiness.

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