How it works

- Developed in Australia, the system uses several safe processes in combination to create safer, cleaner water without chemicals.

- Unlike Ozone or chemical treatments the system does not produce carcinogens or other harmful bi-products.

- The system has been shown to kill more pathogens within 30 seconds to achieve what chlorine can do in 15 minutes

- Ultrasonics destroy biofilm and prevent calcium scaling.

Understand the Difference


- Cheaper than Ozone systems and more cost effective to run than salt based systems

- Waste water can be recycled to water gardens unlike other solutions.

- Treats both calcium scale and pathogens unlike ozone which treats only pathogens.

- Ongoing chemical costs are eliminated

- Internationally accredited and patented.

Contact Us

Address. Gemopolis Industrial Estate, 66/54-56 4th Floor,

Unit No. T2, Soi Sukhapiban 2 Soi 31, Kwaeng Dokmai,

Khet Pravet Bangkok, Thailand 10250

Tel. 0985499797

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